Happenings and me


At the end of March 2011,I had come to London to attend BAMS Conference.

The severe earthquake happened in Japan 14 days before I left Japan.

The news of the earthquake was flowing every day in the television of London.


Events that I experience as traveler in London,

events what has been happening in the world,

and events of the plant and insects who have been happening in my garden.


I do not think that these events has something of relativity.

However, it is true that all events happened.


On May 30, 2011,I received e-mail from Teylers Museum.

It was information that I had been nominated to Van der Veen /Teylers Prize.

Next morning, I found the goldfish in my garden dead.







Rainy morning, May 31, 2011

I found the goldfish in the garden dead








Japan standard time 21:40:21,

May 30, 2011

I received e-mail from Teylers Museum


Sedum sarmentosum     

in my garden 

tetsuji seta






The noon of April 29thWilliam and Kate road in a carriage procession from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace



The evening of April 5thI was walking on the road connected with the Buckingham Palace















The Regent's Park  

7 April 2011



It was a very warm day  

I ate the sandwich at the Hub







BAMS 2011 

Conference in Oxford 

8–10 April 2011











Worcester College









2011 April 10th

I stayed at the hotel near Heathrow T5





My flight BA7 was canceled,

and changed to BA5 due to the earthquake. 

Departure 2011April11th13:25

Arrival 2011 April 12th 17:00




BAMS Conference 2011